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deborah m. jackson, MDiv

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message From Deborah

Deborah M Jackson, MDiv

Hello, my name is Deborah and I know we are in unprecedented times. Between Covid-19, racial reckoning, and economic uncertainty it can create such a feeling of instability - in our souls, relationships, and certainly our faith. I want to encourage you that while everything around you may be changing the Lord is not. 


While it is human to look at the storm, what I can assure you is that God is drawing us to focus on Him. I believe with everything in me that this is a critical intersection not only in the world, or America but inside the hearts and souls of Jesus Christ the risen Lord's sons and daughters. 


The season upon us is an intersection of reflection, repentance, revelation and restoration. What we once thought of as normal in church, business, relationships, and more is over. As a Minister and living testimony of transformation I come having been prepared and equipped not only in my education and training, but by way of sacrifice and redemptive suffering. This, I assure you is the gateway to walking in true Christ-likeness in every area of life no matter the circumstances. 

I continue to give God access in conforming every part of my life. He supernaturally has used my losses, disappointments, sufferings and uncertainties to cultivate character, change my heart, heal my emotions and mature me to bring about personal and relational wholeness according to His perfect will. 

Through my journey as a competitive tennis player, Corporate America, and a Dementia Caregiver to my mom I have been forever transformed. What God has and continues to do for me I know He can do for you. As a pioneer for soul care, personal healing and relational wholeness the methods I employ come through decades of research and experience, Through Heart to Soul Ministries my prayer is that each person crossing our doors experience Christ in a way that changes them so deeply they never see their sufferings, relationships, divine destiny or the Lord the same. 

In Love 



HC3D, Inc. and heart to soul 



Minister, and Spiritual Advisor, Deborah is an expert in helping people get to the root of life and relational matters. As a pioneer in methods of healing, and wholeness, Deborah brings people into profound places of emotional clarity, relational courage, and Spiritual growth. Testimonies of those receiving her guidance, and counsel over decades range from the business world, to ministry, to caregivers and helping professionals. She helps move people from confusion, disappointment, and exhaustion to clarity, progress, and hope in Jesus Christ. Deborah works with individuals, and groups, and implements her unique methodology through trainings and intensives.

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