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Christian Spiritual Director Package

Spiritual Adviser/Director is only offered as a monthly package

  • 1 h
  • Starting at $180
  • P.O. Box 871202

Service Description

Spiritual Advising and/or Directing is the most significant relational levels of Spiritual Counsel one can provide. While Pastoring offers similar services for its congregants, it is often difficult to glean ongoing support, guidance, and direction on a consistent, ongoing basis. Pastoral Care and Counseling can become overshadowed by many other critical responsibilities of churches and leadership. Additionally, while a divinity education is not at all necessary for the calling of a Pastor, there is training in intensive areas required for Spiritual Directors and Advisors. The area of training and study often required is in Spiritual Formation and Soul Care. This is my specific area of expertise after 5 years of study and training and over twenty years in ministry, leadership/professional development and professional coaching combined. I personally have known the value of a Spiritual Advisor for over thirty years. That person remains an integral part of my Spiritual life today. A Spiritual Advisor/Director is not a substitute for a relationship with Jesus Christ. He/She is someone that comes alongside you on your Spiritual Walk. They are faith-seasoned, battle-tested, rooted in God's Word, trained and equipped to not only guide but advise according to need and circumstance as relevant and desired.

Contact Details

  • P.O. Box 871202, New Orleans, LA 70187-1202, USA

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