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The Caregiver Journey - Surrendering (Part 3)

In my latest articles I’ve been discussing the six essentials to the caregiving journey. Earlier this week I highlighted the 1st two - clarity, and acceptance. The third essential I’d like to discuss is surrender. Surrender can be a bit tricky because often the idea of surrendering to something is equated to giving up. This is not true. Let me explain. Perhaps because of the example of my fierce parents, or maybe my twenty-year competitive tennis background or a bit of both - I’m a fighter; giving up is just not in my D N A. But surrender when it comes to caregiving and even more specifically Alzheimer’s caregiving is not related to competition but to trust and humility. Letting go or relinquishing control is never easy. When it comes to relationships, jobs, emotions, or even points of view – it’s not particularly intuitive making a decision to let go. Imagine when life and death are at stake - even harder.

In the context of this article, surrendering is not code for giving up, but rather “giving to”. In any situation life brings there are always aspects we can control and aspects out of our control. In the journey of stepping into the role as an Alzheimer’s caregiver I found myself facing this reality very early in the process. As I sought more information, educated myself, and engaged with other Alzheimer’s caregivers it became emotionally, Spiritually and mentally demanding quickly. For some (as it did for me) it required a physical move as well. Amidst all the shifts and adjustments there was a moment when the diagnosis was confirmed, the move had taken place, my life as I knew it was behind me and I had to entrust things the many uncontrollable to God. I learned navigating through the obstacle course that allowing God to lead me would be the only way I would endure and stretch beyond my own capacity.

Surrender means to trust with absolute dependency on God. It means also putting your faith to work by becoming educated, seeking wise counsel, balancing the opinions and experiences of others, and remaining committed to your own health.

Finally, cleave to these takeaways as you move through your week. Understanding that while your situation may twist and change God will never. ▪️God is faithful,. ▪️His word is the truth. . ▪️your dreams, finances, and uncertainties are not forgotten So many times we are pushed to the edge yet still not forsaken. I understand when enough seems to quickly turn into not enough and every time God comes through. I happen to believe that God would never call you to an assignment that He has not already made provision for you to complete.

Have a great evening and check in next week as I continue with a discussion about transitioning.

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