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5 Reasons We Need Spiritual Practices

Some things in our spiritual walk are not attached to our behaviors – God’s love is promised regardless of our actions or inaction. At the same time, other things we desire of God must be accessed. The gas in a gas station is waiting, but we can’t access it until we pull the car up and pump it. This is what spiritual practices/disciplines do in our lives – they become the pump to us receiving tangible sources to access crucial parts of the abundant life God promises.

Here are five reasons why spiritual practices/disciplines are important to living an overcoming life:


A life without prayer is like planting a seed without water. The strength of a plant is rooted in the minerals and nutrients it receives. Water is to a plant what prayer is to our life. Prayer, which includes many different elements gets to the root of where we gain courage, clarity, connection from God.


Without going into the Greek and Hebrew origins, the root of restoring is to build up again. Imagine through this pandemic, if there had been no emphasis on the state or condition of people. Unrelated to any politics, the impact of the pandemic on people has brought about a new awareness on both soul health, self-care, and mental health. God made us with limitations. Without intention to restore, we will 100% deplete all our resources. Restoring can look many ways but without it the soul (hidden parts of you) never gets replenished.


From a Spiritual perspective connection is about fellowship. It’s not only fellowship with others but fellowship with God himself. We are built to be connected. There are important things happening in the life of a believer when they’re alone; yet significant blessings only possible when connected to others. Connection in this way, is about alignment and shared experiences, not just being with anyone but intentionality


All plants have capacity to grow, but not all reach their potential without pruning. Some plants not pruned won’t even live. Growth is about sharpening. Sharpening relates to discernment, spiritual clarity, purpose and more. A spiritual life without growth is like having a car that is never driven. Eventually, the condition declines if isn’t cared for or used. Disciplines and practices focused on Spiritual growth directly connect to our life potency, impact, and effectiveness


A life with the Lord is more than what we see naturally. Jesus worked miracles – made blind people see, dead people rise, emotionally hurting people well. He increased where there was lack. Some things in life can never be seen without disciplines that cultivate the miraculous.For example, some things can only come by fasting and prayer together. A natural example is the human body. Exercise is only 20% of the picture, but exercise and nutrition – the most potent combination to seeing results.


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