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A Friend in Him

God is a masterful and meticulous potter; His hands are working intricately in us through each circumstance we live out in our lives. He accomplishes that work in us through different pathways. His word is, and will always be His anchor and pathway for us. God is the word and His word is Him speaking. Now, let me be clear, for many in the faith this truth can become a weapon

of legalism, righteousness, and religious manipulation – I am sharing this from a position of relationship, wholeness and fulfillment. Often, I find so many of us are not lacking in tradition or belief but relationship and life application. How do we move our relationship with the Lord from a tradition and a foundational Christian belief, to an active breathing living relationship? How do I deepen my experience as a Christian, or as person exploring Christianity as a pathway to healing and abundant living?

This is the kernel I want so desperately to stick with you today, the Lord desires to be not only your source, but your friend. The greatest challenge I see more broadly moving from traditions and rituals to intimate experiences and life-altering encounters. Through that kind of shift our Spiritual sensitivities begin to open as open hearts to encounter God differently - walking with us, leading us, and supporting us through the ups and downs of everyday life.


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