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Elevating your Spiritual Leadership

Welcome to Heart to Soul’s Christian Summer Mini-Course. If you are a:

🔹 group leader from any denomination

🔹 para-church ministry worker

🔹 lay leader from any denomination

🔹 church staff

🔹 student of God’s word seeking deeper intimacy with Him

God desires each part of His children’s lives to prosper and flourish abundantly - that starts with you as leaders. Dedicated, surrendered Spiritual leaders become the most effective leaders when anchored in their own reflective practices. Spiritual maturity of others begins with Spiritual maturity in ourselves. I have not only learned this experientially, but I have spent my theological education becoming equipped in it. The process of becoming whole in growing in the character of Christ (i.e. Spiritual Formation) is the gateway living a Christ-Centered abundant life.

This mini course is a virtual online personal experience with me delivered right to you - where you will receive live teaching, engagement important course materials.

I am doing this all free of charge for the summer session.

You will learn:

➡️ What Christian Spiritual Formation is; the theological basis for it, and the 7 crucial areas

➡️ The crucial elements in building an emotionally and spiritually healthy church and body

➡️ The Power of Integrative Ministry, and the necessity of Nature and Spirit working together

➡️ Crucial gaps between Bible learning and abundant living

➡️ How God moves in person’s lives for wholeness

➡️ What elements cultivate effective systems to transform group and support ministries

Registration IS OPEN today for our JUNE session


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