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Encouraging Unsexy Truths About Purpose

Purpose is one of the most common questions I am asked about. Deborah, I am at an intersection of my life and I'm feeling unsettled, unfulfilled, uncertain, and afraid. No matter what age you may be divine purpose is a crucial question to grapple with. Divine purpose is birthed by God and revealed by Him; in contrast, ambition is birthed by us then told to God (or not). Divine purpose often hinges on the reason God created you, and what He created you to do for His glory. It can be secular or ministerial.

What's even more important than unraveling the "it" is understanding a few significant things:

  1. God's purpose for you unfolds

  2. His purpose always attaches to His desires for you; it can also be entangled to your interests and personal desires but not necessarily

  3. God's purpose can bring you to a destination but God's focus is always on you in the journey

  4. Because God's purpose threads together over your life, clarity about it requires intimate connection to Him, surrender to His will, preparation, and at times wise Christ-Centered counsel/ guidance

  5. Your life can offer clues, but those clues are clearer with an untangled/clean heart (this is a daily work in process) Psalm 51:10-19


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