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Exploring and Experiencing Grief: Meet Frances

For a long time I’ve been investing the significance of creation as it relates to our own human experiences, and healing. Gardening, writing, meditation, music, reflection, community, food, and so many other things offer to us not only pleasures, but a pathway on how to navigate the tough parts of life. Recently, I may have shared in my most recent visit at an Equestrian ranch where I had my 1st riding lesson. Here I met Frances and began to embark on a new soul-enriching venture with horses. I’ve only ridden horses on trails in Maui (which was awesome). I thought as I move through my own grief, what a wonderful opportunity to learn of the powerful, intuitive nature horses and animals can bring to our human hurts and painful seasons.

I learned so much from her about us, about me, about how god created her to interact with humans and move trough the world. I’ll keep you posted as I embark on this new learning experience, yet in the meantime here is a short video of my time with Frances.



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