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Figs to Formation

Figs to Formation: Looking Like Jesus

It took almost 2 years for our fig tree to bear sustaining figs that didn’t fall away and die prematurely. Your word for today is it takes time for God to prepare us. In an atmosphere of immediate gratification and 30 second snippets please be reminded today that in Christ slow and steady is the only way to winning the race Paul discusses. It may not be popular to say; it is crucial to know and consume We want things now and to see the harvest quickly; however, it’s crucial to understand truths, not to merely read them and hear them. The Lord teaches us through the pathway of His own life as human how life threads. Spiritually much of the things seen are not rooted in our true Spiritual forming. Spiritual Formation is the maturing of character into Christlikeness. This is a divine (Holy Spirit) led process taking place over our entire lives. While our formation is tied joy and peace, it is also largely tied to uncomfortable and difficult things. For instance, how we grow spiritually is tied to what we surrender and suffer, not what we acquire and prosper.

Don’t be fearful, I can prove to you that already in your life you are slaying dragons, moving mountains, overcoming trials. The key is to understand how these circumstances and victories are interconnected to your spiritual maturation in Christ. The Lord has empowered us to not whither under pressure and severe storms. It is the venom that cures the snake bite, and the things suffered that deposit character. He’s using the low places toward your divine calling. It’s a journey where all that happens on it is meaningful even when it looks grim. Just as our fig tree took several years for the figs to become strong enough to mature, it takes time, endurance, and perseverance for Christs’ character to be made manifest in your life - emotionally, spiritually, relationally, financially. It can’t only look well on the outside, to sustain according to His plan the soul must be well from the inside. We cannot look like Christ without doing what Christ did.


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