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Holiday Grief Survival Guide

The holidays can be tricky. It's not just the time from Thanksgiving to New Years but so many memorable seasons in between where hearts may be heavy grieving an empty place at the table.


Believe it or not it's normal for grief to intensify in different ways as time moves forward. For instance, as time grows farther away from the loss/ death of your loved one, emotional pain may feel harsher. One reason this happens is because closeness to the time of death brings closer proximity to the last touch, kiss, hug, whisper, or even fuss. In my own experience personally and professionally the farther away time gets the more distance from their presence. This is valid and a normal part of how grief breathes.


The Lord will meet you where you are - feel how you feel. offer kindness to yourself knowing it’s ok to protect your heart in the new space of learning to live life without them. Give yourself grace, prioritize and make room to discover and continually explore what feels right for you at the time.

Enouragement for Soulfull Singles

Singles, to God you are amazing the way you are - not deficient or lacking in any way.

A whole you is the most powerful gift to give yourself.


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