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Relationship Lessons from the Geese

What if top on our priority list was to simply look after one another? Last year when mom and I evacuated from Hurricane Ida to Lake Tuscaloosa. It was a very difficult time for me as a lot was going on behind the scenes with great shift in my mom’s health. On the heels of a procedure for her, I brought her home, and began to pack all night long planning our five hour trip to Alabama. She was unaware of the strain and tension that mounted inside of me. Right in the middle of this extraordinarily difficult time, with pressure I cannot even begin to explain in words, a friend offered us her lake house. The minute I arrived safe and at peace, but filled with a sense of uncertainty I knew God was right with us.

The atmosphere was heavy, but God’s presence was clear and comforting. Although I did not know my mom would die a month later of lung cancer, I somehow knew being at the lake was a special gift God gave just for us. I wrote. I reflected. I soaked up the profound presence of the Lord in every breath of the air, and each moment I experienced the gift of nature – peace in the middle of a storm. Each morning the geese would gather here. Their routine became like a divine lesson on relationships.



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