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Soul Health Conversations with Deb: Meaning and Purpose

Season 1 opens with my dear friend and Neurologist Dr. Daniel Potts. We discuss life changing realities such as (even as a clinical caregiver) many conditions can not be fixed. Spiritually and psychologically we’re left reflecting on what meaning and purpose remains? How are we changed by the things God permits us to go through?

Soul Health Conversations

Deborah M. Jackson, M.Div.

"I was trained to look at loss and identify disability and try to correct things, treat and cure things. What dad showed me is sometimes we’re not going to have a pill for that. We’re not going to be able to make those things go away. A lot of the time we won’t,

and loss is not the most important thing in all of that. The most important thing about all of that is what is present and what remains" 

Seven life-transforming conversations – rich intimate talks delivered right to your mailbox.




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