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Soul Health®


When it comes to Soul Health™ we engage in conversations hitting at the seed of how we are truly living our lives. Who are we becoming in the unseen spaces of ourselves? Do we have unhealed emotions? Are there unclear and unreconciled relational losses and disappointments? How is God using all of the things that have happened in our life to bring us into the fullness of who He intended us to be? 

With Soul Health one comes into the understanding that The Soul encompasses not only the heart and mind but the will and behaviors. Just as God is three-dimensional in His nature, so is His healing in our lives.  Soul Health one must  tend to not only the mind, mental health or spirituality but to one's "whole self". With Soul Health one comes to places of surrender; God and His Holy Spirit leads and the will, and intention become subject to God's timing and methods. With Soul Health one's character is being molded to mirror the character of Jesus Christ.

Through study, equipping, and experience over  twenty-five years the Lord has been using every part of my life to prepare me for such a time as this. I have been cultivating and building a methodology with evidence of changing lives in the most transformative, revolutionary ways. 

Soul Health® 


Trained & Licensed in Care for the Whole Person - Body, Mind, Spirit

Soul Health Methodology

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Soul Health 

A wholeness journey facilitating  healing for the whole person -

body, mind and spirit.




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Soul Health

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