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This item comes as 2 piece set customized for us as one of the signature pieces to the Heart to Soul Silver Linings Collection. It is 100% of the highest grade sterling silver. The chains are included and the locket is attached to the larger heart. My mom and I picked out this piece together before she passed away. Together we made the changes we wanted and it took months for it to arrive. I've been wearing the pieces different ways - one heart, the larger, both hearts and even taking one heart off and attaching it to our hoop earrings (coming soon). The locket is a special way to hold someone dear close to your heart or to put special picture in and give as a gift. Keep one heart and give the other as a gift. It is truly a special piece. 

HtS Sterling Silver Enamel Silhouette Butterflies Heart Locket & Pend

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Sterling Silver and Enamel

    Both Hearts and 2 Chains also included

    Lobster Claw Clasp

    Made in the USA

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