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6 Reasons Things Didn't Happen the Way I Wanted

Life is not a straight line. It has taken each disappointment and detour in my life to come into clearer alignment about what surrender, and obedience really means. It has taken decades to experience God’s unfolding of my divine purpose. A great disservice occurs when we fail as Spiritual leaders to help others apply, clarify and understand what walking out God’s word actually looks like. Is faith believing Christ to deliver what we want? Is faith affirming God’s word by memorizing and speaking scriptures? Is faith believing Christ when our desires or delayed? Is faith trusting God when the plans we made were derailed or worse terminated? Does it mean that because something did not happen, or has not happened yet, that it was not God’s will? Believe me when I tell you, these are the tough intersections filled with power enough to elevate not only our spiritual development, but our intimate connection with the Lord. At the same time not understanding these intersections spiritually are equally filled with enough power to cause disruption and confusion too.

The answer to all the questions is yes! For now, I will focus on the issues I am presented with most often – disappointment, confusion about why God allowed something to happen. What do we do when things don’t turn out the way we thought? How do we let go of what I had in mind?

God is not the author of disappointment or confusion. He does not sit in heaven looking for ways to allow the enemy to pull the rug out from under us.

There are times that life all by itself is the culprit; simply put, life is unpredictable, and people get to make their own choices and mistakes. (So do we) As a consequence to our humanity things don’t always turn out the way we planned. However, God is the redeemer of the times. He won’t limit your tomorrows because of a choice today. Shame nor guilt are from the Lord – He invited the thief on the cross to paradise.

Sometimes we experience disappointment because of our/another person’s sin. Another person’s wrong can not stop God’s right – it may take time, but nothing is out of God’s sight.

Sometimes we experience painful endings because God has better in mind. Jesus had to permit Judas’ betrayal to complete His assignment for our redemption.

Sometimes plans are derailed because the Lord is orchestrating a miracle on another path. What if the adulteress woman hadn’t been cornered and caught that day – she may been killed and missed Jesus.

Sometimes life is detoured because the preparation needed for your readiness in plan God has for you is

entangled in added experiences.

Remember when Peter denied Jesus 3 times – Peter never imagined he could deny Jesus, but Jesus know he would. Peter’s denial was entangled into his becoming so courageously committed to his calling that he was crucified upside down because of his unworthiness to die in the same manner as Jesus Christ.

Sometimes the plans made were simply not God’s will. I wasn’t called to play on the world tennis tour – God’s will was to use it and set a path for me to minister the gospel and bring spiritual care to those on the tour. He doesn’t waste a single experience.

The Lord is bigger than our limited understanding or theology. How He works in our lives is intricately crafted and aligned with the unique calling He has on our lives. Gaining clarity, discernment and learning how to adapt and trust Him is a lifelong journey


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