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Soul Health Conversations with Deb: The Transforming Work of the Trial with Dr. Daniel Potts, FAAN

Soul Health Conversations

Deborah M. Jackson, M.Div.

Months ahead of my mom’s decline Heart to Soul completed one of its first interactive projects with some incredible people from all walks of life. Soul Health Conversations with Deb evolved into a special series with doctors, nurses, community leaders, caregivers, entrepreneurs, educators, advocates from all walks of life and experiences. We learned through the process the common threads binding us together as human beings and how those threads have power to elevate our lives and connections with one another.

As we experience life, with wisdom it will teach us the difference between being in a room and feeling connected with others in a real intimate fulfilling way. Death teaches us about the quality of our lives and holds up a mirror enabling us to see deeply into our own condition.

My mom died three months after we completed season one which delayed for one year my emotional capacity to release the work we had done. Now, my soul said it was ready to share Soul Health Conversations. From faith to purpose, caregiving to love and so much more we laughed, cried and connected on all those things that truly give substance to living a fulfilling and flourishing life.

I’m thrilled to finally share it all in Season One. Seven life-transforming conversations –

Free, rich intimate talks delivered right to your mailbox in November. If you are currently subscribed to our mailing list you will still need to sign up to receive Soul Health Conversations with Deb. They will be delivered slightly differently to your inbox. I pray you enjoy them and yes Season two is in the works.




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