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Journaling as Survival

Journaling and writing have been a crucial part of how I've coped with life. I started at a very young age writing letters to Jesus. I shared with Him my fears, frustrations, hurts, happiness and hopes about everything. From the beginning my relationship with the Lord was extremely personal. I don't remember why or how it happened I just remember it was and still is.

My writing continued even as I got older although I had seasons that were more plentiful than others. Yet, when I returned home to become a caregiver to my mother, so overwhelmed, I found writing wasn't always enough. I needed to speak out loud as a more physical form of release and expression.

Over 12 years, I committed myself to different styles of journaling and intimate dialogues with the Lord. I talked about me. I casted my cares on Him. I memorializes smallest and most ginormous feelings and emotions in a way that marked time. I wanted to be able to look back and connect with the moments God came to my rescue. I never wanted to forget my dreams and the promises God made to me.

I chose to mark the painful places right along with the precious joys and miracles. My hope is that even in sharing a small piece from some of my grief journals there is an assurance and reminder to others that grief and faith are not at odds with one another but collaborators/partners in this journey of life.


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