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A Valentines Message to Singles

Message from the Founder

A big part of Heart to Soul Becoming Whole revolves around relational wholeness. To my singles, please remember especially today our world is filled with the influence of appearances more than substance.

In the Body of Christ it is my belief we are not doing very well in the teaching and healing work revolving around singles as it relates to a multitude of issues in a healthy Christ-Centered way.

Many Spiritual/Pastoral leaders speak as marrieds with shorter experiences in Christian singleness. A seasoned marriage does not equate to a seasoned and informed advisor in matters of singleness.

I submit the focus may need shifting from marriage to wholeness.

In which case could it be possible some singles may offer more wisdom than marrieds.

I'm excited about what lies ahead. Today I am taking a moment to validate and assure singles today. Listen to me, life is not a straight line, and whether divorced, widowed, or simply holding, you possess enormous value, and dare I say a strong upper hand. Spiritually, emotionally, and relationally the journey you have traveled so far is one saturated with wealth and understanding.

Happy Valentines Day Soul-full Singles.


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