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Entangled Joy: WBOK Interview

Hello everyone. I’ve been out and about trying to elevate the pitch about caregiving economics, caregiver respite, mental wellbeing, and soul health. This week an opportunity came up fast for an interview live on WBOK talk radio with Courtney P. and Gralen Banks. Their show, The Front Porch is kind of a saucy respite of its own making – fun energy, rich conversation, Nola vibe, real talk, and community love.

My conversation with Courtney and Gralen was yesterday May 12th and it was incredibly rewarding and fulfilling to begin sharing a tiny snippet of how my life has been informed and transformed over the last 12 years; but God’s intention is always greater than what we can see in a moment. God moves so expansively that I never thought deeply about how what I might share may connect so personally with person’s listening on the radio or online. I was told that the impact coming through live from listeners was powerful. This above all else made me so happy. I understand that conversations about hard things like caregiving, death, grief, disease can literally suck the oxygen right out of a room. At the same time, I understand how these hard and heavy things can change us so monumentally that it infuses us with staying power that lifts the value we place on the most important things – time, fruitful relationships, love.

I encourage you to check it out while driving to work on a run, walk or workout. The truth is the quality of our lives – the abundant life the Lord has for us is entangled in the heavy and hard things as much as the fun, joyous and prosperous. As soon as the link is available I will share it with you.


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