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Fifty-Four Seconds: God's Assurance

I promised early on that my article and blog space would be a sacred, honest and transformative one; I also shared that for

years my journaling included other formats. I often encourage my soul health clients to consider audio journaling as a different creative way to journal if writing is not preferred.

Recently, I shared about God's Presence in a Crisis. Alongside that reflective article, I wanted to begin sharing more of my spoken expressions in hopes they may minister to you in different ways. I believe God enjoys using all of our senses and Spiritual parts of us to connect with us.

Audio journaling has become a tool I am pioneering. Unlike writing it gives an opportunity to not only capture an element of emotion but layers of emotion within a moment of expression before the Lord.

It also allows you to go back and experience a personal journey of God's healing and progressive nature in our lives. May your day be filled with a special sensitivity for God's blessed personal assurance.


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