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Oprah's Super Soul Sunday

Do you guys remember the Oprah days of Super Soul Sunday’s? What I loved about it was how rich the conversations were. No matter what your religion or life experience there were fundamental experiences we all could relate to. I would listen to the engaging conversations and transformative testimonies and feel something. The overarching lessons resonated because at our core – we were more alike than different. Grief, disappointment, bad news, betrayal, spirituality, relationships were all shared experiences that if you lived long enough had touched your life.

Now we have soul care, self-care, and soul food (not the tv show or dinner menu). We talk about the spirit and spirituality in generic terms and that’s ok. What I want you to remember though is that in the Christian space specifically, spirit is not generic. Biblically and theologically, we were first spirit. God gave us life inside, then laid our bodies over our spirits, not the other way around. I share this to prepare the way for a dialogue around what the soul really is.

The soul is the spiritual side of you – your deepest hidden places. One of the reasons life and how we experience life can become so complex is because when God is at work in our lives, we tend to look at the external symptoms and features. In essence, we have not been taught how to identify and walk with clarity between the natural and the Spiritual movement of the Lord in our lives. God’s movement in our lives is deeply personal, relevant, guided, intentional and purposeful.

So how do you know if our soul is well? The health of your soul connects directly to those deeply hidden places. It transcends feelings. The health of your soul ties to your thoughts, your heart (i.e., your will) which are all entangled in your intentions and choices. Yes! Listen! The condition of your heart is tied to your will. Therefore, it is so important to gain scriptural context. God desires us to seek Him – diligently. He desires intimate relationship with us – to connect with us consistently. God desires that we see and perceive His active presence in our lives. Admittedly we do need grounded, equipped help, guidance, and direction; yet we often simply need greater thirst for Him.

Heart to Soul Becoming Whole

Soul Health™ and Christian Spiritual Formation


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