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Outgrowing a Relationship

It’s okay to outgrow a relationship. Just because God orchestrates a relationship in one season, doesn’t mean it was meant forever. Endings are often sad, painful and difficult to accept. Listen, just because something is painful does not mean it is not God’s will and process. Jesus himself learned obedience through what He suffered not what He triumphed (Hebrews 5:8) As we mature inwardly, outward manifestations will follow. What God permits is purposeful - even when it’s uncomfortable and the why’s take time to unfold. God often delays answering why’s until we are ready to receive them. Remember He sees straights down into our hearts.

There are all kinds of reasons for why relationships change. These intersections are crucial to pay attention to. They can reveal hidden truths of conflicting values; it can be a catalyst to shift/realign direction more purposefully; it can be a revelation the relationship is no longer emotionally safe or healthy. In any case these moments are all part of an area know as relational wholeness.

To be clear, people are not disposable, and I am not referring to situations related to incapacity for commitment, or laziness in the creating emotional safety and value. Often times these things signify unresolved wounds, hurts and even traumas that need addressing. What I am talking about is Spiritual maturity and character development – as we mature, as we learn the lessons God intended situations in life to teach us, it is right that perspectives to change, it is in order for clarity to emerge and relationships to shift.

With grounded counsel and guidance show up for you; sometimes change in you changes relationships too and that’s okay.


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