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Pearls to Power Up Your Prayer Life

One of the most powerful things a person can do to elevate their spiritual life is to uncomplicate their views about prayer. Yes, take out all the excess baggage, and begin looking at prayer as entering into a relationship experience with the Lord. Any relationship worth its salt needs some key things: reciprocity, respect, presence, honesty, value, commitment, sincerity, etc.

Look at prayer as building an intimate relationship with Jesus. It takes time. It takes desire. It takes you. We need some of the same elements as with any other relationship. Understand though, that the thing that often drives us to God is crisis and while God is our help in times of trouble, God often uses trouble to engage us in a deeper relationship (not just to save us from the trouble) The blessed assurance and experiences prayer gives are not outward but inward. The more we need God the more we thirst and seek Him; however, the less we seek Him the more our thirst for Him is diminished. Listen to me! God is not a God of shame or guilt – He is a God of love and invitation. His mercies are fresh every day and each day brings with it a welcome invitation for a new beginning.

Here are a few pearls I hope will excite you about powering up your prayer life:

1. Prayer is a pathway to building your connection to God – it’s not just about asking God for something but connecting with God and opening the door for an exchange.

2. Prayer provides a safe place for expressing emotions – God does not need or want perfect words and ideas He wants you – raw and real.

3. Prayer creates an atmosphere for God’s presence to show up for you – God is attracted to personal relationships

4. Prayer produces supernatural power when it’s ongoing– He is drawn to your need and dependency on Him (because He is God Almighty)

5. Prayer creates space for peace and assurance – even when life is raging, prayer brings you into a state of peace and protection.

6. Prayer changes your perception


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