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Ruth Reboot

Three years ago, God took me through a journey of the Book of Ruth that changed me forever. I fell more in love with Jesus than I ever imagined. I had never heard anyone preach or teach about Ruth this way because the book is often used as a pathway toward marriage. Truly, the Lord intended the text to teach us so much more than that. My own exegesis and study of the life experiences of Ruth, Orpah, Ruth, Naomi, Boaz and even the unnamed kinsman offer insight about grief, relationships, trust, sacrifice, obedience and even more how God pilots His will through even the seemingly most minute choices we make. Even Orpah’s choice to go a different path than Ruth teaches us something. Even when God is silent on a matter, He is still speaking.

God’s love is perfect. It reaches down into our darkest most uncertain, confusing moments of life. Whether we like it or not - it’s those messy, rocky seasons where God is doing the most miraculous things in us. Often our understanding of what the Lord is doing in our lives projects outward; less often our understanding of what the Lord is doing looks inward. Truth is, God is laser-focused on what is going on in us. Read Ruth and go back and look at how Naomi changes. She is living in a nightmare of grief and loss, but through the circumstances goes from one heart condition to another.

Her journey is not that different emotionally than what many are living through today.

Ruth herself ministers to the transcending love of God - as servants to others - as marrieds and singles - as grieved - as hopeless. The Book of Ruth teaches us about Hesed Love and how God intentionally attaches blessings to obedience and sacrifice.

The Book of Ruth is filled with treasures assuring us of God’s devotion to His children when in painful places and how that devotion can just take our breathe away. Know this, God is relational not transaction.

He desires connection and fellowship with us as He pours out unlimited resources to live abundant, courageous, joyous lives.


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