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The Secret Simmer: Building a Mature Body

My Spiritual Advisor would always tell me she was praying for my discernment. Now, thirty years later I get the gravity of that. She navigated the delicate balance between guidance, support, and my Spiritual development

Her mature Spiritual leadership in my life helped me fully understand the importance of learning to hear from and recognize God’s voice/presence on my own.

(1 John 4:1)

Praying for discernment is an ongoing process fueled by personal intimacy w/Christ. I see a concerning rise through social media, and within the church of the prophetic pushing its way in front of a focus on building Spiritual maturity. While some scholars may argue that discernment is ALL spiritual gifting, training, and maturing are necessary. Discernment needs awareness, understanding, and action which over time God expects each of His children to mature in (Philippians 1:9-10)

In my own Spiritual life, the Lord has had to wean/train me so I could hear, see, and know His presence for myself. (Hebrews 5:14) Of course the gift of prophesy is of God; however, I have seen a prophetic word given without the discernment and/or maturity to test it becoming a recipe for broken-hearts, Spiritual confusion, and disappointing outcomes. Life will bring you through confusing, tricky, deceptive spaces - God doesn’t expect perfection, but He does want you prepared.

For instance, throughout caring for my mom I had to know when to surrender and when to fight; when to follow my gut or the doctor’s knowledge; when in a Spiritual fight or a clinical one - or both. There will come a point in each of our lives where God calls you too alone.

I’m praying today for a renewed thirst for discernment and intimate connection with Jesus Christ that leads to emotionally and spiritually healthy believers, and a deeper desire to cultivate mature disciples and discipleship.


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