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You may know that the last eleven years of my life until October 8th had been dedicated to the care of my mother Mercedes. Out of that journey HC3D, Inc. (Helping Caregivers) was born. HC3D's first dedication has been making life better for family caregivers. Second, we are expanding education throughout communities about Alzheimer's and related Dementia's.

I never imagined or even thought about taking care of my mom. I certainly never considered we'd be facing Alzheimer's. As an only child and single the journey was an all-encompassing choice and divine assignment. I often carried heavy burdens in my heart not only about my mom but about my own life and dreams.

At the same time I experienced such a weight of anticipatory grief and emotional/mental exhaustion, I still felt the move of God each day. Through the care of my mom the Lord continued to give me vision and He continued to sustain us and provide. Give us this day our daily bread has an entirely fresh meaning to me now.

With all that I hope to share about my journey, I simply wanted to share exciting news about my organization HC3D. You see when my mom died so many people – friends, and acquaintances donated in support of our mission. Because of the kindness and generosity to honor my mom in this way, our EEE Alzheimer’s Summit has pushed into fruition. We are pinching ourselves over the outcome of our call for speakers and presenters for EEE. HC3D’s inaugural summit was in 2018 and like many we had just inked the deal for the next when Covid hit. We spent the last 2 years thoughtfully, reflectively and strategically reimagining how to raise the bar in making life better for caregivers and expanding Alzheimer’s and dementia-related education

With academics, mental health professionals, neurologists, chefs, psychologists, and experienced/seasoned caregivers and caregiving professionals we must now announce the opportunity for presenters and speakers is closed. The agenda is packed beyond anything we could have anticipated - with hope, solutions, evidence, inspiration, and insight. Likely over 12 CE’s of the highest caliber will be offered for nurses, social workers, nursing practitioners. The quality and value of EEE to this important conversation we hope will stretch far beyond expectations Early registration will be opening this month; I am personally so grateful and am praying all who choose to attend will be enriched beyond measure through this live virtual experience April 15-16 2022


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