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Grace to Say Yes

Eight years ago, I sold everything I had, put a bookmark on my dreams and returned home as a full-time caregiver to my mother. While God told me I was to return home, He did not give me the details on when, how and why. (Isaiah 55:9, NIV) Although I tried preparing for it, I quickly learned, some assignments he only gives the instruction, saving the details to increase our faith along the way. He will allow melt-downs to accomplish “missions”.

Truth is God’s vantage point is so much different than ours. Often, we base our perspective on what is seen; His perspective comes from what is already finished. I was in no way prepared to become a caregiver – the cost, the uncertainty, the fear, the frustration, the transformation. In rough waters I momentarily forgot God’s sacred formula to progress and success. Knowledge was only a piece of the pie, but long-suffering, perseverance, sacrifice, and obedience were the other pieces. (Jeremiah 1:18, NIV) To the natural man, disappointment and long-suffering seemed counterintuitive to progress, but to God, they were a perfectly mastered orchestration toward destiny. (Galatians 5:22, NIV)

Yes, caregiving is divinely-ordained. The Bible teaches us that it is very much a divine-assignment sometimes presented as an inconvenient, scary, sacrificial detour. (Luke 10:33-35, NIV) Some will recognize it when it shows up, many won’t.

The home I moved from was my God-given sanctuary and safe place, but the home I moved back into to care for mom put me into the stream of my destiny. Serving mom has really been service to God and I have actively been transformed by it. We experienced miracles and supernatural wonders over the seasons. Mom became less aware of many things after years, yet she became more keenly aware in others. All I can speak is gratefulness and thanksgiving to Christ who has always been our provider, restorer, and healer.

No, caregiving with Christ did not made the assignment less hard, it gave me more power.

You will share with others all that I have shared with you. I am your God and you belong to Me. I am the one who makes all things right and new again. (Revelation 21:5, Isaiah 43:19, NIV)


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