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Peace in the Eye of the Storm

Caregivers become masterful organizers, planners, and crisis administrators. When coming together, we learn how much we share in common – from our language with loved ones (LO), to our strategies, secret fears, life-saving routines, and disappointments. Across all types of caregiving journeys, lonely is a shared experience regardless of status, yet in the same breath resilience, perseverance, and fierce protection for our loved ones. A yearning for the simple things becomes a soul-filling dream.

During the pandemic, the caregiver has scaled new mountains amidst insurmountable odds. Whether day programs, in-home care, Occupational/Physical Therapy, or Saturday dinners with mom (which was part of my personal cognitive protocol for mom) it all came to a screeching halt. Although support systems ended, for many faith grew stronger.

Through COVID-19 caregivers while pressed on every side, show up fully present every single day – mind, body, soul. So many caregivers I speak to are finding healing in God’s promises. I remind them of the scripture of Jesus watching his disciples as they panicked in the boat during the storm, as long as they kept their eyes on Jesus their feelings were not subjected to the storm. Just as He did for the disciples He has promised to do for us. The caregiver’s journey is one of the greatest illustration of faith, and the Lord is continuously pleased.


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